Ein Luftschloss

by Shaun Terry

Rhinestones and silhouettes shifting in the light,
glimmering in the shine of one trillion stars,
each intentionally placed in the sky to be absorbed
in a symphony of sensuous activity.

Waves of cotton, flowing in a night’s breeze
—like endless seas, feeding whales and jellyfish below—
sliding, slippery over hills:
the haptic, the tactile, eternally oozing, shifting,
fountains founding figures over figures,
layers of spectacle, indescribable except by the language of limitless sensuousnesses.

Chocolate on berries;
or snared gazes, smiles;
or sound from oceans, endless in novelty and curiosities;
or the sights and sounds of a moments-old anything;
or all the fields affected by the fields of us.
Obvious and elusive.
Castles in the sky.