Mermaids Under Waves of Glass

by Shaun Terry

Photo courtesy of Leah Randall

Photo courtesy of Leah Randall

He catches glances:
opalescent shimmering
in waves beneath crystalline waves and foam.
The figure sways below;
her long, curly locks blowing gently on her back.
As she rushes toward the surface,
her rounded facial features invite tenderness,
and his eyes are faded marbles,
open and admiring.
Her body is like a statue in a giant granite hall.

She smiles and slinks
with hope behind her irises,
anticipating excitement and novelty.
Her hands press upon the wavy glass,
and his hands meet to make mirrored images.
This is as close as they could ever get.

As they part from the fantastical encounter,
memories of each other very slowly start to disintegrate,
but the loss never leaves them.