The Way We Will Be

by Shaun Terry

Field of Daffodils

Friend, I hear the fear in your voice’s vibrations.
I know why you don’t reveal to me how you feel,
even though we all know what you conceal.
I know your guilt,
I know it itches of betrayal
of your youth,
of love which will ever reside in you:
in the core of your torso,
swirling in your marrow.

Temptation is calling you;
he wears a magic mask
with a face that shifts in the sun
to be what he needs it to be
to slide his hooks in you.

But I hear your heart.
I know the rhythm it beats to
when we sing songs.
I know your movements, thoughts, and feelings
move in time with mine.
I know your honesty in actions and intentions.
And I know you’re my friend.
I know it’s not your fault,
no matter what slippery lies he tells himself.

And maybe, someday,
we’ll stroll through fields of daffodils,
and make love
under a sky full of stars
that will shine brightly on our eyes.