Fulfillment’s Last Finale

by Shaun Terry

Big Olive Eyes

If Egyptian cotton
were more like titanium,
and if we could hold stars in our hands
and if they sparkled like diamonds
that we could drink from a warm pool
that we surrounded ourselves in,
and if it were as sweet as rosewater
and if it filled our hearts
like it filled our stomachs
just enough to feel perpetually satisfied.

Her big olive eyes,
looked up from behind monochromatic window panes
and locked me with electromagnetic ocular rays.
It was the warmest embrace,
and I surrendered.
I wanted her to hold me tight and close like that,
and never release me.

Stevie Wonder had it wrong.
It’s okay if her love makes me stronger.
It’s what I’d been aching for.
And maybe she feels it, too.