The Disaster of Invincibility and Other Illusions

by Shaun Terry

Not So Superhero

Snow-topped mountains that scratch the sky’s surface were made for
bounding over.
Edgeless oceans offer satisfaction from
landing on the other side.
They placed the stars for us to pluck from the sky and swallow whole,
so that brilliant rays can shine from each of us.

A child is born to an unsuspecting world,
and she can grow as tall as trees
or have a 300 IQ
or make enough money to buy a continent
or give peace to all the world.

Some children feel titanium in their bones:
they know they’ll always be invincible.
They know only imperviousness
to hate, heartache, darkness, and sadness.
For them, there is only invincibility.
Anything can happen with,
or to, these children.

But invincible children aren’t different from invisible children.
We’re all butterflies in a typhoon; hopelessly frail.