An Early Summer Walk

by Shaun Terry

Field with flowers

I sauntered about an herb garden today,
cradling a mug of Peaceful Pleasure tea.
The name’s corny,
but peace and pleasure I was needing.

I passed unfamiliar plants,
as the early summer sun warmed my sour blood,
and my hair gently blew with the breeze.
I watched bees nosh on oat grass nectar,
their fat little bodies nimbly traversing giant plants,
munching on flowers’ tops.

We hardly see bees anymore.
They’re dying.
But some things are worse than death.

I’ve thought it might be better to quit existing.
Maybe, when the bees have gone,
everyone will feel that it’s worse than death.

It was nice to think and walk in the early summer breeze,
surrounded by the fresh smell of flowers
and listening to the soft hum of bees.