The Latency Between Lightning and Thunder

by Shaun Terry


You don’t ever have to wonder.

Your soul is a vessel – an old lemon-lime gatorade bottle,
wrapped in a dilapidated piece of informational literature,
so worn and abused
that one couldn’t make out a nutritional fact
or any lightning bolt.
Your beautiful flawed vessel,
with great caution and care,
holds and carries a part of me
that is invisible to the naked eye,
or even the unnaked eye.
It is the part of me that can only be seen by something that people deny exists;
the part that sweaty, old railroad workers, and proper, old businessmen clear their throats at,
the part that we all need, but we all intentionally forget is there.
Your soul is a vessel that graciously, gracefully, gratefully
carries my soul –
that part of me which would disintegrate in the wind,
if only it stood in a field for a few moments.