Marigolds, Synapses, Steering Wheels

by Shaun Terry

Sometimes, you go along your journey, and the options are quite clear, and the best path is quite obvious. But sometimes, there is fog. Sometimes, you see the fog, but sometimes, the fog goes undetected. Sometimes, the fog makes the best path invisible, but you don’t recognize the obstruction. Sometimes, the fog devours the sky and the earth, and there is nothing to see, and one might choke for lack of options. You can’t see around you, or in front of you, and you don’t know where to go, so you stick out your arms, and you hope, and you pray. Sometimes, the fog forces us to make a wrong choice, and that choice leads us down a path that we would never hope for.


The trick isn’t to figure out how to see through fog, for none of us could see through fog, no matter how hard we might squint, no matter what energy we muster, no matter what creativity we allow ourselves; the trick is to prevent the fog, and to prepare for the fog, and to remove the fog. If one is lucky, one can deftly learn how the fog is to always be swiftly removed, and after achieving some measure of ease at removing fog, one can train his/herself to see farther down each path. I have no use for fog, but it is perhaps important to recognize fog for what fog is, to understand where it comes from, to respect the fog so that one may properly react to and prepare for fog.