Every kiss begins with blood-covered diamonds wrenched from fingers of innocent cadavers for your vanity and self-importance TM

by Shaun Terry

I’m sitting in an a fire engine red art deco lounge chair
Wearing a beautiful, shining, name-brand windbreaker
Which holds a rather fashionable (read: expensive) pair of eyeglasses in its left breast pocket, where the name brand appears
With a newish laptop that looks like brushed steel (it’s not brushed steel)
I’m watching my favorite name-brand editorialized news program
On my name-brand 648-inch, 4000 Hz, LED, 4-D television panel


And on the television, as the host of our show pauses for a moment in order that she earn revenue
My beautifully huge panel yells at me about how badly I and each of my countrymen need to purchase more oil because, Goddammit,
It’s absolutely, unmistakably, absolutely, incontrovertibly safe, and it’s the only way to save this economy
And then, there’s an image of a beautiful couple in a beautiful home in a beautiful kitchen with beautiful, brilliant children
And the man, smiling, dutifully pulls out a beautiful little box with a beautiful little bow
And in most exciting and completely unpredictable fashion, the beautiful (white) woman opens the beautiful little box
And her eyes and her mouth open so wide that any extraterrestrial life would be inclined to park their space vessel in her face
She hugs the man and we see the contents of this box
And everyone in the universe who watches this show at this time feels a little bit more worthless
Once again


I am not my job
I am not my neighborhood
I am not my city
I am not my political affiliation
I am not my religious affiliation
I am not my group of friends
I am not my family
I am not my shirt, shoes, or service
I am not my car
I am not my favorite music/books/movies/comedians/food/drink/philosophy/Ted talk/app/sports team
I am not my hobbies
I am not my good deeds
I am not my crimes
I am not my internet persona
I am not my psychological disorder
I am not my dietary choices
I am not my brand new ___________
I am not my newfound ___________
I am not my behavior
I am not my choices
I am not my body
I am not more or less valuable
I am not good or bad
I am not what you say I am
I am not what I say I am
I am not what I’m supposed to be, just as I’m not what I’m not supposed to be
I am, just as I am, enough
I, simply, am