by Shaun Terry

You’re going to get there, one day; we all will
But what path were you hoping for?
Do you hope to hear the waves crash into the rocks?
And see the gulls swoop down so majestically?
Do you hope for green fields that fade into golden blue skies?
Would you climb the snowy mountains that no bird could fly over?


Maybe you’re interested in flat, grey lands
Maybe you hope for assistance and blind deliverance
Maybe you walk to a bittersweet song that you sing, with your mind asleep


I feel the cuts from the jagged edges of treacherous rocks beneath us
I have the scratches across my skin from unavoidable branches
I am parched and weary


But I smile


You near the edge of view
And still my mind remembers the cracks in your palms


And as the sun sets, there is still some light today
For us both